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I’m not trying to be dismissive of anyone’s problems or insist that they don’t matter or anything of that sort. But, to be completely honest, it frustrates me how often I get messages from people telling me to “post this because ________ just said that he/she is threatening to kill him/herself” or “please help _________ because he/she just ________ in an attempt to kill  him/herself”. This isn’t to say that I don’t worry about these people or that these situations aren’t dire. But leaving your life in the hands of people on the internet is just…not right. Even if that’s not your intent, that is what you’re doing.

You are causing incredible panic, worry, and sadness because the vast majority of the people who are seeing/hearing about your post(s) do not have any information about you. They can’t contact your friends or family. Or even an ambulance.

For everyone’s sake and for your own safety, please contact someone you do know in real life if you are planning to hurt yourself. The responsibility is too great for a handful of teenagers/young adults on a website. They may not be there to see your post. They may not get through to you via message. They may not have enough information about you to get you help. And if anything were to happen to you, they will all feel at fault. 

So, again, please reach out to a real-life friend or family member if you feel you’re at risk.

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